• Smart Laser in tunnels

    Smart Laser in tunnels

    Smart Laser helps to enhance the visibility of emergenvy exits and safety routes.

  • Improve Safety in industrial sites

    Improve Safety in industrial sites

    Smart laser improves the safety of industrial sites by delimiting dangerous areas with light beams

  • Smart Laser acts as Traffic Light

    Smart Laser acts as Traffic Light

    Smart laser can be integrated into safety signaling systems with signal lights.

  • Writes Text Messages and Images

    Writes Text Messages and Images

    Smart laser can write text messages and images to provide informations.

Smart Laser

Smart Laser is an innovative, programmable, customizable and expandable dynamic light signaling system.
Smart Laser emits light beams creating visual paths in bad visibility conditions.
The main features are:It’s a Light Signaling System that projects laser beams according to programmed spatial models or configured in Real Time.

Smart Laser is a highly configurable, modular and scalable system

It is designed to be a node of an architecture of light signaling systems that can be supervised remotely, with automation features and advanced local intelligence

The modern laser system makes possible to define complex signaling models, luminous paths, visible references, text words and specific animated drawings, designed to signal dangers or warnings.

Smart Laser is made of:

Industrial Laser Show: it was born as a classic Laser Show with high performance to which was added a powerful control electronics, equipped with industrial grade hardware and advanced software

CPU Embedded: unlike a classic Laser Show, Smart Laser is equipped with a SOM, System On Module, a miniaturized Embedded PC, characterized by high performance and Embedded operating system, specifically developed for Real Time task management.

Control Electronics: all the system functions are obtained through a control electronics managed by the CPU, which allows to control the laser, the pointing devices, the position and temperature sensors, the external sensors and so on.

Advanced Festures

Smart Laser automatically manages itself according to environment inputs. Thanks to its digital and analog input connections and thanks to the networking capabilities, it can automatically change its behauviour according to the external information provided.

External Sensors

It regulates its behavior according to the input of external sensors like Fog Detection Stations, Temperature Devices, digital commands coming from external devices like PLC or other equipment.

Interconnected Systems

Smart Laser is an open device, capable to be integrated with existing systems like Meteo Stations, Traffic Control Stations, and automatically can adapt its operating mode.

Network & Communication

Any network connected device can activate more events that can drive the Smart Laser behaviour.

The Smart Laser can be integrated with different protocols and systems like LoraWan or WiFi.


Smart Laser helps to give a visual feedback  drawing text and lines to enhance the visibility everywhere we need to have more safety.

Smart Laser can be used in many fields like civil installations where is needed to give a visual safety information , in rail electrical subsations and along the railway, in all the industry fields where is needed a to give an help to the operators and users to the identifications of the alarm conditions and for the potential safety issues. 

Communications and Applications

Smart Laser implements different types of Communication Protocols and File Formats. It's an open system and it can be controlled using different software and operative systems.

  • Communication Protocols & File Interchange

      • Modbus TCP Server;
      • FTP Server;
      • RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol;
      • Communication library;

        Other protocols that can be integrated on request;

      • File Format
      • Desktop & Mobile
      • SCADA

      Applications Examples

      Industry and Railways

      Commercial & Enterteinment

      General Applications

      Hardware Details

      Following there are some use cases where the Smart Laser could be used.

      Laser Module

      Dot Laser Diode Module: Power 100mW – 1000mW;
      Dot Color: Red – Green - Blue;
      Focusable: Yes
      Temperature : -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃ Voltage: 12V

      SoM – System On Module

        CPU: nVidia Tegra / NXP® i.MX6;

        CPU Clock: up to 1.4GHz;

        Ram: 512MB / 256MB DDR2 (32 Bit).

        Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, I2C, SPI, UART, IrDA, PWM, GPIO, Analog Input, SDIO, CAN

        Control Interface

          3 Programmable Outputs;

          3 Programmable Inputs;

          3 PWM Output;

          1 LCD Display Output; 

          12V/24V Output

          Laser Scanner

          Scan Frequency: 20Kpps / 30Kpps;
          Working Temperature : 0 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
          Scan Angle: ± 20 °;
          Max Scan Angle: ± 30 °;

          I/O Management

          3 Configurable Inputs, 3 Outputs and 3 PWM Out allow you to program specific on/off functions and the simultaneous control of 3 laser colors.